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[Solved] How to make money from cryptocurrency

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There are different ways to make money from cryptocurrency. The crypto space is actually gaining traction, and it will be advisable to dip your toes into cryptocurrency investment. You could make money from cryptocurrency in the following ways: 
The opportunity to use arbitrage trading will present itself when there is a discrepancy in the price of a particular cryptocurrency between two exchanges. For instance, if the price of bitcoin on Binance is $41,500 and the price that was listed on Coinbase is $41,900, you would see that there is a difference of $400 in the price of bitcoin between the two exchanges. When this happens, you will quickly buy from Binance and sell on Coinbase to make your profits. You must take into account the transaction fee between the exchanges before you make the trade.
Spot trading: This is when you exchange one cryptocurrency for another in order to make a profit. For instance, litecoin has a very low transaction fee and its transaction time is very fast. You can quickly trade LTC for BNB to make a profit.
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