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How to become a full-time forex trader

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Forex trading is not difficult to venture into if you know the pros and cons. I have developed 3 points that you should adhere to, if you want to become a pro in forex

1) develope a trading strategy that has an edge.

If you have a trading system that tells you when to enter,  exit and when not to trade, you will have an edge. Learn all the trading patterns if you want to develop a unique trading strategy. Personally,  I use the candlestick patterns to study the price movement in  forex market. 

2) master the risk management 

To master the risk management,  do not risk 50% of your account on a trade. I will recommend 1%-2% of your account.  This will give you rest of mind and also assure your safety. Losses will not bother you when you invest such percentage of your account. 

3) Have a realistic starting  capital 

It is advisable to start trading with an amount that you can afford to lose. It's unrealistic when you have the notion of flipping an account from $10 to $1000. 

What's your take on this?

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