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Loss is inevitable in forex

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In forex , loss is inevitable and it's an integral part of the trade. You just have to be in control of the trade and learn how to exit when market isn't favorable. You don't have to a be a cry baby whenever you lose. Just take a break, relax and make a better plan for  subsequent trade. Every successful forex trader lose sometimes, even with the best strategy in place. A successful outcome is a cumulative effect of failure and successes.

Having said that, you have to develop the skills needed to manage loses and this would help you prevent loses in the future . Don't be greedy, learn when to quit inorder to prevent further loses. This is the essence of setting the exit and entry order.

On a last note, you will be able to overcome the effect of losses by having what I called the "forever mindset "
The forex market isn't shutting down anytime soon, so, you will still come back to trade anytime. You don't have to invest all your life savings on forex.

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