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What you needed to know as a beginner in forex

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Forex market isn't a speculative market because the price action follows  all the necessary developments. As a beginner, these are tips needed for a successful forex career.

1. Study the market
The knowledge around the forex market is of utmost importance if you want to pull successful trades . Getting yourself familiar with the happenings and developments in the forex market is a key to getting a full-fledged green signals to trade.

2. Develop a unique plan

The plans to make should include when to trade and when not to take trading positions. The plan will tell you when to enter and exit trading. You should be able to plan for the potential gains and losses that is expected and this calls for taking the right leverage inorder to minimise loses.

3. Keep practicing
In forex, the use of the GAME or DEMO account is very necessary for practicing. You wouldn't want to risk your money trading on instinct. You will have to get use to how forex market works through the use of the game. The most interesting thing about the game is that it gives you all the trading tools needed and it is more like the real trade.

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