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Why is life insurance important?

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No one has a crystal ball. Being no respecter of persons, death can send anyone to an early grave. Whether you are wallowing in luxury or beggary, it does not matter to death. What happens to your defendants after you have been yanked off planet earth? Quite frankly, our extended family culture has been jettisoned and we have imbibed individualism due to westernisation. So, it is suicidal to leave your children and spouse to the mercies of your relatives.

Have you ever pondered on the state of insecurity in our society- spate of armed banditry, thefts, dilapidated roads, inadequate pensions, high cost of educating children, ineffective health scheme and rising unemployment rate? What will become of the wealth you have amassed? The hope of bequeathing your stocks, houses, exotic cars, and jewelries to posterity may be an illusion.

Life insurance is a sure-fire way to hand down wealth to progeny.

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