Available Programmes:  Staff members that provide training programmes

Remedial Courses

Managerial Mathematics

Data Collection, Analysis and Interpretation

Interpreting Financial Statements

Accounting for Beginners

Finance for Non-finance Managers

Cash Flow Forecasting

Materials Management

Business Risk Management

Business Feasibility Study

Credit Appraisal

Business Mechanics


Monitoring and Evaluation Basics

Conflict Management I

Financial Analysis

Negotiation Basics

Project Management Fundamentals

Strategic Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

Mode Of Study:

1.Programmes are offered online.Each programme is divided into modules to be taken at the participant's pace. At the end of each module, students submit assignment that will be graded.

A final examination is given at the end before a certificate is awarded. The questions are drawn from study material.

2.Face-to-face arrangement is also used if the participant wants personal contact. An examination is conducted at the end before a certificate is awarded.

Why Choose Us?

Our facilitators are experienced professionals who have practical experience and teaching skills to tutor even a novice.Despite spending a lot of money on training programmes every year, organisations have yet to experience the impact. We use contemporary cases in all our programmes so that participants are equipped with the necessary skills to be relevant in the real business world.We dare you to put us to the test.


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